Guest Blog: Tanya Williams

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Marketing is one of the core pillars of business. It stands to reason that if people cannot find you, how do they buy from you? The role of marketing is to make your business visible.

But in the world of social media algorithms, fancy funnels, and hard to learn tools, it feels like it’s all just getting so overcomplicated?

In a post-covid (sort of) world we are craving a simpler way. And the simpler marketing tactics are the ones getting cut through and working for busy business owners.

Instead of being distracted by the bright and shiny and the latest trend, it is time to focus on simple basics that build foundations and help you move the marketing needle forward.

Step 1: Have a clear plan or strategy

Do you get in the car and not put the GPS if you have no idea how to get there (well if you are a man, you might) LOL

If you know where you are now and where you want to go, you need to know how you are going to get there. There are usually lots of options and ways to get there. But your plan outlines the most effective way for you. Plus keeps your eyes focused on the road ahead.

Step 2: Work out where to play

You cannot possibly do everything so why kill yourself trying. Do you know where your target audience spends their time? Is it online? At particular events? Watching videos on YouTube? Knowing this helps you to focus on the 1-2 channels where they are playing.

Remember you only have limited time in your week so focusing on the right channels means you get to your audience so they can see you and buy from you.

Step 3: do the work based on priorities.

Once you have your plan, you need to action the work. You either do the work or pay someone to do it for you. From your strategy, create a list of action items then put in order of priority of the most important tasks first. Then each week schedule time to set up, create, write, and action. Break into bite-sized pieces and start to see some forward movement.

Step 4: Decide on channels & content

What social media channels do you need (if any at all) and what types of content do you need to create for your ideal customers. Not every business needs to be on social media (a common myth). If you want to use social media, select the channels that are where your audience spends their time. Then work out what content and types of content you need to create to talk to them.

Step 5: Automate it

Automation is the time-poor business owner’s best friend. You can automate a lot of your marketing to give you consistency in the market. Things like your email blasts, your social media, your YouTube videos, and your blogs can all be automated and scheduled. Use free tools like Buffer, Mailchimp, WordPress, or a plethora of others to make your life easier.

Step 6: Review and refine

As you start to action your marketing tactics, you need to work out what is working. The simplest way is to look at your Google Analytics, data, and social media insights. Numbers don’t lie as these are facts. What is working? What isn’t? what needs to change? That is the only way you will start to refine your marketing and start to improve your results.

Tanya Williams is Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations, a Brisbane marketing consultant that helps busy business owners simplify their marketing, be more visible and start the right marketing conversations with their audience. As an outsourced Digital Manager she can create the plan, do the work and move the marketing needle for you. Connect with Tanya here

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