Our Innisfail office is located 1,593km from our Brisbane office. FUN FACT: According to Google, it would take 321 hours of non-stop walking there from Brisbane. (now that’s a commute).

We have a dedicated local team of 5 people who have many years combined experience in the industry.

We might have a small team in Innisfail but they certainly punch above there weight (so to speak). They are very much part of our local community, all living in Innisfail and getting involved in local events is all part of the culture of their team.

Our team consists of:

  • Tyrone Gil – Team Leader
  • Rachel Accatino – Account Executive
  • Sally Weightman – Assistant Account Executive
  • Brielle Smith – Assistant Account Executive
  • Taylah Byrnes – Assistant Account Executive

Can you guess which one of our team love the following?

  • Who loves renovating?
  • Who is a diehard rugby fan?
  • Who loves photography?

Some ways they get involved in the community

Most of our Innisfail team members are involved in Charity Work, with the Silver Ball (raising funds for Brain Cancer) being the highlight of the year.

We sponsor community events such as Innisfail Golf Day and others that run when we are not in a pandemic….

How do they celebrate?

They love watching our local rugby league team, the Innisfail Leprechauns play, followed by a social beer at the pub.

They also like getting in the midst of it and have our own mixed touch footy team called (funnily enough) the Rivers Mixed Touch Team !

Fave Local Hangouts

Out of hours you might find the team at some of our favourite local hangouts. A few of these places include:

–          Etty Bay 

–          Tinaroo

–          Fishing at the reef

–          Camping grounds throughout Cassowary Coast 

Our Innisfail branch is located in 88 Rankin Street, Innisfail so if you want to talk insurance, call in and say hi.

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