Business Name: Barretts Shopfitting

 Location:  Brisbane

Years in Business:  Launched in 1983 and operating for 37 years

What they sell/do:

Barrett Shopfitting Australia provides businesses of all sizes with top quality, innovative fit-out solutions. Now a second- generation company with an enviable reputation in the shopfitting industry, they have built their business on a combination of unrivaled craftsmanship and first-rate customer service.

Why their customers/clients love them: 

Relaxed and easy-going “Brissie” attitude to getting things done.

 What 3 people would you invite to dinner? Oprah, Ellen and Graham Norton

What is your ‘go to’ treat of choice: A “proper” jam donut with lots of sugar

Favourite quote:  “The sky is not the limit”

You can find them online HERE  and also on Facebook

P.S If you have kids homeschooling and need some extra study space, contact us for a locally made & manufactured quality student desk. 







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