Susan was an experienced property investor with multiple properties. Without warning, her tenant left the premises half way through the rental period under suspicious circumstances. 


Susan received a call from the local fire brigade informing her that the property had been extensively damaged. Soon after that, it was determined that an accelerant had been used.  Investigators were appointed to determine the true cause of the fire and this also extended into investigations into Susan’s financial situation and personal circumstances including her potential involvement.  No work could commence whilst these investigations were underway.


Due to the lengthy relationship between Rivers, Susan and her insurer, Rivers were able to fast track the investigation process and move to the next stages of rebuilding.  This starts with clearing the site, drafting plans for the new property, submission to council for approval of plans and then tenders were called to complete the work.  The go ahead was then provided to the builder.

Following completion of construction some 15 months later, although the building was insured for $375k, the policy extended to cover costs for demolition, professional fees, and loss of rent.  This resulted in Susan receiving $520k.


Under normal circumstances, Susan could have been out of pocket $145k but our team helped her set up a not- so-standard policy that assisted in this scenario.