Floods are one of the most common and widespread disasters and continue to grow in frequency and severity.

Are you prepared if a flood hit your area tomorrow?

Australia’s unique landscape and propensity for extreme weather has resulted in many catastrophic flooding events over the years. Flood is one of the most costly natural perils in Australia, which has significant effects to communities and can result in long lasting negative impacts.

Flooding is a natural occurrence which cannot be entirely prevented. Floods can have a devastating effect, not only from the immediate physical impact of flood water, but also on the potentially long term interruption of business activities. Whilst you might not be able to avoid it, there are some things you can do to prepare. Preparation and having processes in place can make a big difference to the amount of damage that is caused.

Creating an effective action plan as part of your business continuity plan can assist in protecting your business, property, and people, so that you can recover quickly in the event of a flood.

This starts with having an Emergency Response Plan.

This is a detailed strategy of how you will manage your flood risks before, during and after the event. Being an essential component of your overall risk management program, your Emergency Response Plan will:

  • define the roles and responsibilities of your employees,
  • detail what actions and communication procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency,
  • reduce the occurrence of personal injury, property damage and potential losses associated with business interruption,
  • reduce the impact to customers within your supply chain and your reputation

Get a step by step guide on how to create an Emergency Response Plan and understand what to do before, during and after a flood event in this free Fact Sheet

Download your free copy below

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