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If you run a business in the pet industry it’s likely you are wearing a few hats. SMEs are challenging, dynamic and unique, so your insurance policy should reflect this. A “one size fits all” approach can actually increase the risk exposure to your business and that’s why we tailor our approach for your SME.

Vital types of cover:

What kind of liability insurance do I need?

If you are in business you need liability protection, no ifs or buts. When your customer comes to you or you go to them, there is the risk of personal injury or property damage. This cover also provides protection for animals in your care, custody and control for no additional charge.

What if your grooming equipment went missing or was damaged?

If your grooming equipment was stolen or damaged in an accident, it is critical to get them replaced as soon as possible. Our General Property cover provides you protection Australia Wide.

Are you keeping personal client information on your computer?

If you are keeping sensitive client information on your computer system you need to protect it from theft. Hackers and cyber thieves are common and can access your client’s information holding you to ransom, causing you a lot of grief and possibly lost business. If you have Cyber Insurance then experts can jump in and fix the issue 24/7 if you have been attacked.

What happens to your premises if it were destroyed?

If your business suffered a major loss or interruption, how long would your cash last in meeting expense commitments? If it is less than 12 months, we need to talk!

Other Cover to consider:

Management Liability, Employment Practices, Statutory Liability, Personal Accident & Illness, Commercial Motor Vehicle, Association Liability.


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We’ll ask the questions others won’t.

We know SME operators in the pet industry look for value in every transaction.  With 35 years’ experience, our team knows the right questions to ask about your business operations to make sure we cover all angles.

Legislation, including the Fair Work and Workers Compensation Acts have serious ramifications for sham contracting arrangements and there are insurance implications, even if they are found to be genuine, independent contractors.

As a self-employed worker, Personal Accident Insurance offers protection to ensure you will still receive an income if an injury, illness or accident occurs.

There is insurance to cover your animal in the event of a death or serious illness incurred whilst in transit up to a nominated figure.

Attackers don’t force your front door anymore…. why would they when they can freeze, steal of corrupt private information on your customers remotely. We can provide Cyber Insurance that helps you get back in business fast.

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