Finding the right insurance for RTOs

From heavy machinery to natural therapies, being an RTO can involve a diverse range of training activities. These activities are unique and require innovative insurance solutions.

Vital types of cover:

Professional Indemnity

The biggest exposure you face and the most difficult to address is an allegation of failure to adequately train your students. This cover provides protection for claims brought against you including defense costs, settlements and judgements.


If you are in business you need liability protection, no ifs or buts. Whether your training is conducted in classrooms or out in the field, there is the risk of personal injury or property damage. Personal injury claims can be huge and often training can involve the use of expensive and sophisticated equipment.

RTO Insurance can include:

Professional indemnity insurance

Liability Insurance

Building Insurance

We’ll ask the questions others wont.

RTOs tend to have diverse operations with unique insurance requirements. With decades of experience, our team knows the right questions to ask about your business operations to make sure we cover all angles.

If your RTO uses borrowed property or equipment in delivering services to students, protection will need to be in place should something happen.

Different risks are introduced with the use of contractors and special consideration of these exposures are necessary to ensure complete protection.

We all know contracts are complex.  We need to talk before you sign on the dotted line so we can advise the best solutions that protect your business.

We don’t ever expect a major loss to occur, but as we all know, it does happen. We can provide insurance options to assist in this scenario and ensure you can trade on.

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