As we continue to live with uncertainty in 2021 with states going in and out of lockdown one of the key things that our clients want from us is communication.

For client facing businesses in particular, we need to clearly define the rules for customers and set expectations, so they know the best ways to buy from you.

The communication with your customers should be concise, transparent and honest. If they are potential issues that will impact their orders from you, let them know straight away.

They will be asking questions such as:

  • Can they visit your premises?
  • Are you offering delivering options?
  • Will the impact delivery of products or services in any way?
  • Can they expect delays on any kind?
  • What Covid19 rules apply? (mask wearing etc)

Steps to take if you go into lockdown:

  • Put a message on your website home page
  • Post on social media to advise of the changes & pin it to the top of your feed where possible
  • Change your Facebook header to show there is update
  • Let customers know what options they have to buy from you across all your marketing channels + instore / in office
  • Send out an email to customers as soon as possible, letting them know of potential impacts or issues with orders
  • Shoot a quick video from the business owner and share it (this personalised the message)
  • If any sort of delivery is involved in your product, have contracts set up prior to lockdown that you can action if needed
  • Keep customers updated if the situation changes

Communication is so important and making sure it is done in a timely manner even more so. Your customers will appreciate your prompt communication during and post lockdown so make it a priority.

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