In our recent client survey, you told us that you would like some help & resources around dealing with anxiety & stress. One of the biggest requests was for help with managing stress and anxiety for you and your team so we have called on a local specialist to share some of her knowledge with you (more on that below).

We are certainly in unchartered territory and it makes sense that it comes with a level of anxiety and added stress in our day to day life.

As business owners, we need to remember we are only human, and we need to look after our own mental health in order to help our staff and teams navigate their way through this. After all, they are looking to us to lead the way and provide guidance.

And if you don’t have staff, your mental health is important in helping you to stay focused, positive and remain active socially (even if it is only online with clients, friends and family)

Many of us might have been impacted by:

  • Having to move teams to remote work
  • Setting up new technology and systems for remote work (and very quickly)
  • Decrease in business income
  • Increased admin due to stimulus or financial applications
  • Having to work with partners and kids in the house
  • Homeschooling while running a business
  • Lack of social contact with friends & family

These are all things that can increase our anxiety and impact negatively on our mental health.

If you feel you’d like some support in this area, we would recommend following Margie Ireland and watching her videos. The information she shares is easy to follow, relevant to you as an individual or business owner, and includes practical tips to help you daily.

Margie helps people to develop leadership capability during change and stressful periods resulting in greater performance and healthier working life.

We are loving her content and know it will help you manage anxiety and stress and remain mentally fit during COVID-19 and beyond.

You will find Margie’s videos here >

We highly recommend watching these and connecting with her for practical tips & help through Covid-19 and beyond. Managing stress & our mental health is vital to moving our business and our teams forward through this pandemic.


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