When Ruth’s company designed a medical centre, they were surprised to learn that they had been roped into a negligence claim after the building was constructed. 


Ruth, an Architect, was engaged to design a medical centre. During the construction, it was determined that a “crossover” should be installed so that patients on trolleys or in wheelchairs could have easier access to the centre from the roadway.  Sometime after completion, a pregnant woman fell over while walking along the footpath, as she didn’t notice the slope on the edge of the footpath. Subsequent allegations of injuries to both the woman and her unborn child sent everyone scurrying to their insurance policies.


Initially an action was commenced against the property owner, but quickly spread to include the Architect, even though they were not involved in the design or construction of the crossover. Eventually a commercial settlement was agreed. Ruth’s policy paid for all legal expenses and the settlement, with a small excess all she was out of pocket.


Thankfully the policy responded and defended the architect’s position.