World Kindness Day is on 13th November. It goes without saying that we shouldn’t limit being kind to one day of the year, it should be something we do every day.  But how about considering some simple kind gestures you can do any day of the year and using the 13th of November to practice….

Here are a few thought starters :

  • Give a compliment to a friend
  • Smile at people as you walk through the shops
  • Say thank you
  • Hold the door open as you are leaving a restaurant
  • Pay for someone’s coffee that is in line with you
  • Write a card and send it by mail
  • Make someone a home-cooked meal
  • Do the dishes
  • Run errands for someone who is entirely too overwhelmed right now
  • Offer to give someone a ride who doesn’t have a car
  • Sit next to someone who is alone at a party
  • Call your mother, father, or grandparents to check-in
  • Give up your seat on the train to someone in need
  • Look after a friends kids so they can go on a “date night”
  • Make it a point to lift other people UP
  • Return your grocery cart
  • Bring flowers to someone you know – for no reason whatsoever

Kind gestures don’t need to cost money. It is the simplest things that often mean the most to a friend or a stranger.

Be kind in a world that often forgets that kindness is part of being human.

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