One of our larger teams, based in our Brisbane office.

This team is made up of Don who is our founder and Director as well as Scott, Wendy, Lyn, Martine, Kerri, Peter, Kate, Josh, and Luke.

They have a big job managing our larger and more complex clients.

So, what type of industries do our team look after… a wide range –

  • Property Owners
  • Construction Companies (Domestic and Commercial)
  • Anything related to building services
  • Health Services
  • IT Servicers
  • Property Developers
  • Shopfitters
  • Sports Industries (including Motorsport)
  • And the list continues…

Whilst this is serious business, we know that getting to know our people and vice versa, plays a role in your choices about insurance providers. We are going to share some fun facts to give you a look into who they are …. Ready for it?

Some fun things about them…

Kerri was born in New Zealand and although she loves the beach (which must be from her time in Australia), when you mention “All Blacks”, a steely glint gets in her eye… never mess around about her team, you will live to regret it (rightly so too, they are awesome right now).

Whilst our team is trained to identify risks and keep them out of your life…. Some of the team outside of hours participate in Motorsport, ask Josh and Scott all about it… but be prepared to be there for awhile… they get a bit deep and meaningful…

Kate, who only joined us a few weeks ago, is getting her skates on literally – training up to complete in a roller derby… don’t get in her way… we will be sending a cheer squad to her first outing to check it out….

Peter has recently become an Aussie Citizen… but has certainly been a traveller – an Englishman by birth and working in Marine Insurance out of London, he has sailed all over the world, spent time in Vanuatu and is a keen scuba diver…I see a nautical them here…

One of our more quiet team mates, Wendy, who we refer to as our quiet achiever, helps run little athletics on the weekends in her local area….. what a way to support her local community, massive effort to get all those little future stars organised…

Don, although one of our wiser brokers….has several clients that span generations of ownership… he loves to ski and get out in the big wide world… the current COVID situation has certainly dented those plans… but soon hopefully… things will change

Luke is a keen golfer and gives back to the Industry as part of the Young Professional Committee for the Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers.  He is keen to see the next young group come up and prosper.

Lyn is a passionate follower of all things basketball and, like the emotional rollercoaster of being a  Brisbane Bullets fan, her extensive experience in insurance means that there are not many challenges that she has not had to face. Unlike the Bullets however Lyn’s great preparation almost always ensures that she wins her games be it getting hard claims paid or difficult policies placed.  

Martine and her Partner our proud parents to an energetic toddler who keeps them both pretty busy. Her mothering instincts carry over into everything she does with her commitment to looking after people always being demonstrated in how she treats her colleagues and her clients.

If you are looking for personalised insurance quotes or just have questions about existing policies with other providers, we invite you to talk to one of our dedicated team members. You can reach them on 07) 3028 9494

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