Scott Denning

Broking Leader

Proud Dad

Scott’s 30 years in insurance enriches the advice he provides to his clients, and the value he adds to their experience. Scott has been with Rivers Insurance for around 6 years, and in this time he has had great impact on the team, strengthening Rivers’ helpful culture and building the team’s knowledge.

Scott’s vast experience enables him to advise clients in a broad range of industries, such as engineering, hospitality, aged care and much more. Scott is also currently a Senior Associate of The Australian and New Zealand Insurance Institute, showing his thought leadership in the insurance sector.

In his spare time Scott likes to share his adventurous spirit with his children and has recently lifted his motorsport activities…. ask him about that… very exciting !

Direct: 07 3028 9410 Scott Denning

Level 8, 39 Sherwood Rd, Toowong Qld 4066