Your mental health impacts your overall physical health too which is why it is important to manage. Many experts will share the typical ways of eating well, sleeping 8 hours, physical exercise etc etc.

But, have you thought of some lesser-known and fun ways to lift your mood?

  • Jump on the bed – bring out your inner child. Remember how much fun it is to jump on your bed without getting into trouble with your mum. Being silly and spontaneous allows us to feel the joy which puts a smile on our faces.
  • Sing more often – When we sing, the musical vibrations move through the body and alter our emotions. The result is a calming effect that soothes the nerves and lifts our spirits because it releases endorphins that are associated with pleasure. The oxytocin also boosts feelings of trust and bonding and lessens feelings of depression and loneliness.
  • Cook your meals – we know what foods are healthy but did you that actually cooking is just as beneficial? Cooking is good for your mental health because cooking is an act of patience, mindfulness, an outlet for creative expression, a means of communication, and helps to raise one’s self-esteem as the cook can feel good about doing something positive for their family, themselves, or loved ones.
  • Go Dancing – Dancing improves our mental health, according to Swedish researchers who found that dancing helps reduce depression and anxiety. The positive effects of dance stay with us for up to eight months after we stop dancing.
  • Clean a room – Some of us dread cleaning and would rather do anything else however it can be relaxing due to the monotony and repetitive nature and help reduce stress and anxiety.  Also, the feeling of control and completing a task gives you a mental boost
  • Watch birds – Or animals of any kind is associated with lower levels of depression, anxiety & stress. Watching nature, promotes healing and lessens stress, researchers explored the potential benefit of nature to improve mood.”
  • Focus on Being Grateful – According to researchers, when we practice gratitude and express what we’re thankful for, we improve our mental well-being. The more people focus on the positives in their lives, the easier it is for them to put the negativity aside and approach life with a better attitude and more positive feelings
  • Knit – not just the domain of grandmas, knitting is psychologically and socially beneficial and can contribute to the well-being and improved quality of life. It can be therapeutic like other hobbies such as gardening, photography, fishing, writing, reading fiction, and putting together puzzles.
  • Apply a mud mask – Applying a mud treatment on your skin certainly improves your mental health as it relieves muscle and joint aches and pains, improves circulation, relaxes you, and relieves stress.
  • Get a pet – pet owners are generally less stressed and anxious. Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. They can add real joy and unconditional love to your life.
  • Laugh as Often as Possible – It may be difficult to laugh when in the throes of depression or another mental health disorder, but it is important that you laugh as often as possible. Every time you smile and laugh, your brain releases dopamine. This chemical produces feelings of happiness and endorphins, our natural painkillers
  • Talk to yourself – no this doesn’t make you crazy. Talking to ourselves is completely normal.  In fact, we talk to ourselves constantly. By talking to ourselves we become more deliberate, and this creates a slower process to think, feel and act, instead of being bombarded by our thoughts.

Try some of these simple ways to smile and we are sure you will feel much better.

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