We’ve shared this one before but it worth sharing again.

With many people about to head away on holidays, we wanted to share a “timely reminder” whilst there’s much to celebrate, consideration should be also given to some simple security ideas.

When your home or business is empty it’s important to maintain an illusion of being around and not to highlight that there’s no one at either your home or business premises.

It’s not just Santa Claus who could be tiptoeing into your house on Christmas Eve. Figures from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show Christmas Eve is a peak time for home burglaries and break-ins between 9am and 6pm

There are many tell tale signs for unwelcome guests with some of these being -:

  • Built-up of mail delivery
  • No lighting systems in use
  • Lack of general activity
  • Garbage bins being left out n the street
  • The usual alarm system not working (i.e. our dogs being away)
  • Signage highlighting office/business closure
  • You’re sharing your holidays on your social media

Before you head off and start sipping Pina Coladas by the pool, consider how you are going to give the appearance of someone being at home or at work. Here are a few thought starters for you:

  • Get someone to collect the mail: If you cannot get a neighbour to do this, arrange with Australia Post to get your mail redirected (link https://auspost.com.au/receiving/manage-your-mail/redirect-hold-mail/redirect-mail)
  • Get smart lights – With an abundance of technology available, you can set up simple things like smart lights that allow you to turn on your lights with a tap of an app. (Bunning have an inexpensive range https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/smart-home/smart-lighting-power/smart-light-bulbs)
  • Put a RING on it – A Ring is a video doorbell with an inbuilt camera which allows you to respond to anyone at your door anytime by using an app. You can give the appearance of being there but being too busy to open the door (even though you could be thousands of km away). Check it out here > https://au-en.ring.com/
  • Keep it maintained – If you are aware for a couple of weeks, your lawns and gardens can become overgrown very quickly. Arrange for someone to come and give them a quick mow to ensure the premises looks lived in. It also helps to see activity on site.
  • Add a smart lock to your door – A smart door lock lets you unlock your door remotely from your smartphone and grant temporary access with expiring codes. If you have a neighbour checking in on the house or a pet sitter coming to take care of the dogs, you can keep track of exactly who goes in and out of your house and terminate access once you’re home again.
  • Remove spare keys – Keeping spare keys stashed outside your home is never a great idea but if you are going out of town, collect them from what you think are your clever hiding spots.
  • Lock everything – Make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked. Close curtains and blinds but be sure that you can see light around the edges to help show a human presence from the street.
  • Get valuables out of sight – Put gaming consoles, devices, jewellery and large electronics in closets or empty boxes. Thieves are often looking for these easy to grab and sell items.
  • Advise your security company – If you own a business, ensure that relevant security authorities have been advised of the dates you are away or liaise with your building management to have your floor locked down.

A study by QBE survey also found that 51 per cent of people share photos on social media while they are on holiday – potentially alerting burglars to their absence. When convicted burglars were surveyed in the, four out of five said social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter were being used by burglars to target their victims. SO be mindful what you post.

The holidays are a time to be enjoyed and no one wants to return home to the news that your home or business have been broken into, vandalised or damaged.

Better to be safe than sorry so make a little bit of effort now and you can sleep a lot sounder knowing you have minimised the risk of a Xmas break-in.

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Image source: express.co.uk

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