As expected, we are receiving a lot of calls about how COVID-19 can impact our client’s insurance policies. We will be continuing to keep you informed of any changes and responding to the common questions we are receiving on a daily basis.

As many teams are working remotely, there are some considerations you need to address in regards to your insurance policies. Let’s address a few of these for you now:

Q: If my team is working remotely am I still responsible for their health & safety?

A: Regardless of where your team is working, you’re still responsible for their physical health and safety, as well as their mental health. This means that you’re still responsible to provide a safe work environment. Have you considered whether their situation is adequate? That includes the chair, lighting, flooring etc…will my information remain “confidential”, with access by family members potentially an issue?

Q: What if my staff member injures themselves when working at home

A: Provided that the injury arises out of their work, workers’ compensation will kick in.

Q: What happens if the equipment that has been redeployed to our team’s home is broken or damaged whilst in their care?

A: Most business policies will cover equipment which has been taken home temporarily, but it’s unlikely to cover anything owned by your team member.

Q: What happens if a customer is hurt by visiting a team member?

A: It’s unlikely that a customer would visit your team at home, but if they did and were injured, your liability policy should respond. Issues arising from the provision of professional advice or goods supplied, would not be affected by operating from home.

Q: What about increases in Cyber risk when my staff is working remotely?

A: Maybe your work system has great security, but what’s the situation at home? While technological advances have enabled work from home to be used more generally, the COVID-19 world we now live in has increased your exposure considerably. Are they using secure Wi-Fi networks and using “genuine” passwords? While you should also remind your team what good cyber hygiene looks like, there has been a significant increase in email scams and cyber incidents, due to the reduced security of the home setup. Malware has been installed when loading what appears to be valid tips to cope with COVID-19. Seemingly genuine emails are being received requesting deposits into bank accounts, which subsequently transpire to be hacked. However, if you have cyber cover, it should cover you in respect of any breach arising from work-at-home activity.

Q: If we have closed the business down and no one is in the office, how does that affect my property insurance?

A: Policies vary significantly, but they do have exclusions once a property has been vacant for a period of time. Insurers are wary of the increased risk associated with unoccupied premises, due to the situations which arise and while that period varies between policies, you should keep us informed of your position so that we can obtain the insurer’s approval, to ensure cover continues. Some things you should do…move all waste bins and empty pallets away from the building…shut off all unnecessary electrical devices and utilities, but continue the general maintenance of the property and consider security patrols if you’re not already using them.

We care about the future of your business and in helping to minimise risks associated with remote working. If you have questions about your current policies, we encourage you to call your personal insurance expert or call your local office direct.

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You might also want to read our FAQ’s about COVID-19 as it relates to other insurance policies HERE

You will never be alone during this time and we care about helping you through this challenge.

We are in it together.


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