Insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all-all product. The coverage you need is dependent on a number of criteria and one of these also includes the industry you operate in as there are normally nuances that apply to your industry that might not apply to others.

If you are a grower or food manufacturer, chances are you are using Contractors and/or Employees. Whilst there have been many challenges around this during and post-pandemic, you need to be vigilant in making sure you are covered correctly for any unforeseen circumstances.

While most business owners have a general understanding of the importance of Public & Products Liability, are you aware of other insurance that will cover your business such as your Labour Hire, Cyber Incidents and Employees?

With claims on the rise, we see how important it is for you to have your insurance extended to cover these areas.  That may be extending your current cover or getting new covers that can be your saviour should an event occur. 

When it comes to what insurance you need, here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Are you appropriately covered in the event an employee or contractor is injured?
  • What protection do you have as a director of the company?
  • What would happen if your website was hacked, and you could not operate your business?
  • Do you use Labour Hire and understand how it can affect your Public Liability Policy?

Rivers Insurance can provide solutions to these questions and can assist your understanding of the impacts to your business whether you are a start-up or an established business.

Here are some examples of how not having the correct insurance coverage can realistically impact you today.

This is a typical labour hire claim scenario

Here is another example of an e-commerce store that was hacked by cybercriminals. Read it HERE

And don’t forget to read about this real-life employee theft situation HERE

You always think it will never happen to you but every day the unexpected happens in business, so being prepared and making sure you are covered is vital to keeping your growing and manufacturing operations running smoothly. After all, you have enough uncontrollable variables working against you, like the weather, so control the ones you can to make business life a bit easier.

If you would like advice on your insurance policies please reach out to our insurance experts who can review your policies and provide options to suit your unique personal circumstances.