With Christmas a short time away now, our thoughts turn to Santa and all the pressure on him right now.

As we all know, Santa runs a massive operation, with a factory running 24/7 365 days a year, a large workforce of energetic elves, a more complex IT Department than ever (with so many of us to look after and keep track of) plus a big herd of reindeer to keep strong and healthy…it’s a logistical nightmare for mere mortals like ourselves, but business as usual for Santa.

Here at Rivers, we wondered… hypothetically of course, how could we have helped if Santa crashed his sleigh into a building while delivering his toys and gifts.

Well firstly, if Santa’s crash was from a fault in the engine in his sleigh, which is what caused the crash, Insurance called “Machinery Breakdown” Cover would thankfully pay for the cost of repairing the very sophisticated and expensive propulsion device, which enables Santa to do his deliveries (it helps the reindeer go at supersonic speeds you see)…. 

Any repairs to the bodywork of the sleigh would be covered under his “Aviation Insurance”, plus the cost of repairs to the building which Santa crashed into, would be picked up by his “Liability Insurance”.

Are you worried about all the toys that were damaged?  We would be too! The cost of replacing the damaged toys and gifts would be covered by “Cargo Insurance” and this also provided the short-term hire cost of a suitable refrigerated warehouse, to house all those goodies and perishables, until the replacement sleigh arrived. This is especially important as he travels through Australia.

Of course, Workers Compensation insurance would protect any elves that may have been injured in the crash…you don’t think Santa could deliver all those presents on his own, do you?  And of course, we can’t forget the reindeers, “Livestock Insurance” would have them all looked after back and ready to go in no time.

(Note: Keep this one from the kids). Although Santa is irreplaceable, “Corporate Travel Insurance” could fund the cost of sending someone to replace Santa and pay for his medical costs.

Lastly, in a reflection of modern times, if criminals hacked into Santa’s IT network, caused the crash, and installed ransomware on Santa’s vital “naughty or nice “ list… a “Cyber Insurance” Policy supplies a crack team of IT nerds to jump into action and get Santa’s list restored the correct naughty and nice list asap…. 

So, when the presents arrive under the tree this year, thank Santa a little bit more in recognition of his extraordinary effort for all of us each year. And know, that if the worst happens – we got Santa covered.

Click on the below link to track Santa as the time gets closer, have a safe and joyful festive season from all at Team Rivers.

Santa Tracker Map | Santa Update

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