The Easter Bunny runs a big successful business and a lot of work goes into preparing for this special time of year. Being such a big global business, Mr & Mrs Bunny need to make sure they don’t put all their eggs in one basket (pun intended)

So, it got us thinking. What types of insurance would the Easter Bunny need?

We had a lot of fun with this, as you can see…but it’s an important message for anyone in business.

Well firstly, let’s see what risks they face, while they’re in their burrow, weaving baskets and making all those Easter eggs, before hopping across the globe to share their creations with the world!

Equipment Breakdown – what if the chocolate making machines broke down? Disaster!! These machines are worth a lot of money and they can’t let the world down by not suppling the eggs.

Damage to property – They need to protect the property from damage. We know how competitive this gig is and we cannot fully trust the likes of Santa and the Tooth Fairy who want to take the Easter Bunny down and boost their own popularity.

Liability – The Easter Bunny enters millions of properties all over the world so there needs to be protection in case of damaging someone’s property or making them sick, due to a manufacturing problem.

Travel insurance – The Easter Bunny travels the world in this quest, so travel insurance is a must. After all, what would happen if there was an injury or a missed a connection? Bad PR would just be the start!

Cargo – We don’t want anything to happen to those yummy eggs during the trip, do we?

Car Insurance – we don’t really know how the eggs suddenly appear…but they must have some sort of transport to do that, don’t they?

Management Liability – Really, we know that the Easter Bunny can’t do it alone, and with all those helpers there might be a breach under the Fair Work Act or some other piece of legislation

Workers Compensation – Keeping all the little bunny workers safe is important, especially if they overdose on chocolate. It is a team effort to make and deliver all the eggs needed at Easter.

Sure, we joke about in this post but you can see how important being covered is, and how not being covered could leave a big hole…or is it a burrow?

We hope that the Easter Bunny has no unexpected issues that delay your delivery of chocolate. Happy Easter.

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