Have you ever heard of someone mentioning a dashcam and wondered why you would ever need one, especially if you have a newer car with the latest whizz-bang technology?  What use could they possibly be, right?

Dashcams can be a hidden gem for every vehicle owner, not only from a claim or proving responsibility perspective, but they also create added security and potentially subconsciously improve your driver behaviour, which can lessen the likelihood of a car accident.

Let’s dive into this a bit to further:

1.     Dashcam footage can help determine who is responsible

Unfortunately, not everyone plays fair after an accident. Having a functioning dashcam with recorded footage is a tremendous way to help speed up the process of determining who was truly responsible in an accident and reduce the length of an insurance claim.

This reduces any disputes over who is at fault during the claims process. You may be able to rely on your dashcam footage to show what really happened and provide evidence to help settle your claim faster.

Sometimes, multiple parties may have contributed to an incident and dashcams can provide footage to assist insurers in assessing the percentage of negligence for parties involved or show how the at-fault party has contributed to the collision.

We come across many scenarios where other parties dispute who is at fault, even if at the scene they admit responsibility. If another motorist is at fault but blames you for the accident, video footage showing the other driver is at fault will help to resolve any ongoing liability disputes.

We always go in to bat for our clients, but having supporting evidence can be vital to achieving the right and fair outcome.

In the event another party disputes who is at fault, you will likely need to pay your policy excess. However, drivers who are found not at fault can then keep their no-claim discount rating and will either have their excess waived/refunded once successful recovery of the damage costs is made against the other party.


2.     They act as a security camera

Some dashcams act as security cameras and can monitor and protect your vehicle when it’s parked or unattended. Dashcams need to be hardwired to record when a vehicle is turned off and these types of cameras can also provide evidence when you want to report reckless or illegal driving. Keep in mind that not all dashcams are hardwired and some only operate when a vehicle is running or for a short period after the vehicle is stopped.

And while accidental damage to your vehicle is usually covered by comprehensive insurance, dashcams remain invaluable when it comes to capturing unexpected events like vandalism, theft, falling tree limbs, and damage from fires. If your dashcam captures any of these events, then this may assist when it comes to your vehicle insurance claim.

This also applies to instances where personal items are stolen from your vehicle. If there is enough dashcam footage to uncover who the culprit was, then this may help the police to retrieve your stolen items.

3.     Helps you to be a Safer Driver

Dashcams can encourage drivers to be conscious of how they’re driving and whether they are practicing road safety at all times. Reviewing video footage from your dashcam can ensure that you’re driving safely and avoiding any reckless driving while on the road. This may also help you avoid any potential vehicle accidents in the future.

With a dashcam, you can also monitor your teen/young adult’s driving. It’s widely known that due to their inexperience, drivers under the age of 25 are considered a higher risk to insurance companies and usually attract higher premiums.

Having a dashcam can also help you determine whether your teen/young adult is following road rules and speed limits and provide that extra peace of mind.  It also helps when they complain about other drivers on the road, you can take the opportunity to look at the footage and use it as a learning experience when a near miss occurs too.

There are multiple dashcam options available in the market. Having one installed and functioning in your vehicle provides peace of mind that should the worst happen, you have strong evidence to support your claim.

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