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Being a primary producer means you have to cope with a range of unpredictable variables. Things like property loss or damage, weather, market price  fluctuation, demand downturn, and harvest impairment. Insurance can eliminate and reduce some of the most severe impediments experienced by primary producers.

Vital types of cover:

Farm property

Protecting your buildings and equipment from loss or damage is imperative to the ongoing viability of the farm. But our property cover goes further than buildings and equipment, to cover your family home.


Covers you against claims for personal injury or damage to your property arising out of your farming operations. This can include contract farming activities and produce sold from the farm gate.

Farm Machinery

Farm machinery can be expensive and loss or damage can cause significant economic hardship. The equipment used in farms varies enormously, we can cater for your old rusty farm tractor passed down the generations, to the most sophisticated equipment like drones.

Farmers insurance can include:

Agriculture Insurance

Livestock Insurance

Vehicle & Machinery Breakdown

Crop Insurance

Working Dog Insurance

Property and Fencing Insurance

We’ll ask the questions others won’t.

Living and working on the farm is a different lifestyle and for that reason, insurance risks tend to be unique. From cattle producer to grain growers, we have been working with farmers for more than 35 years. With an expert team on the ground who know the questions to ask, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

It makes sense to cover farming activities on your property but what about other locations? We can make arrangements to include these risks.

Tell us about any contract farming you do, so we can work with you to find the appropriate cover.

If you are doing on farm processing or marketing of products, it’s important to have cover for these activities.

To supplement farming income, more and more producers conduct host farming and tourist activities. These are not automatically covered.

Children living away from the family can be stressful enough, with our cover there is no need to worry about their possessions as well.

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