We are business-minded and people focused.

If your business is in the game of giving professional advice and services, we have developed customised programs for a broad range of professionals, achieving extensive coverage, while also delivering real cost savings.

We understand that these activities can be unique and require specialised and innovative insurance solutions.

Vital types of cover:

Professional Indemnity

Covers claims brought against you, arising from the conduct of your professional activities. It provides protection for claims brought against the company, principals, partners and employees.


Without adequate building and contents coverage, a major loss will stop a business in its tracks and the prospect for reduced cover resulting from under-insurance can be as damaging as the loss itself. Insured values must reflect replacement cost wherever possible.

Cash Flow

Although most Professional businesses are less reliant on their premises for the generation of income, nevertheless how long would it take you to successfully set up your operations at another site and what would your clients do in the meantime?

Professional insurance can include:

Public Liability Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Malpractice Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We’ll ask the questions others won’t.

A “one size fits all” approach simply doesn’t do the job, and there is no such thing as a standard Professional Indemnity Policy. Our involvement is a critical tool in the determination of your risk exposures.

Professional Indemnity varies enormously in the fundamental basis of coverage. Together we can design the appropriate cover for your situation.

The reason that many claims are declined is because the description of your business activities in the policy does not match all of your current and past activities. Work with us to ensure this problem does not arise.

If your policy is costs exclusive, you will not have to make any payment, unless there is a settlement or judgment against you.

The policy will only respond to claims first made against you during the current policy period, irrespective of when the cause of the claim occurred.  Ideally you should have unlimited retroactive cover.

Not all Professional Indemnity policies include cover for personal injury and damage to property.  For many professionals, such as those in the construction industry this cover is vital.  Whereas, it is difficult to imagine how Accountants could cause injury or damage through their professional activity.

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