Have you just moved into an Apartment Block or are renting space in a Commercial Building and think your landlord has all your insurance needs covered… think again!

When you move into any building and rent, it can be easy to think your landlord covers all your insurance needs, but that is not the case.  Their insurance does not cover your possessions kept at the premises or if fixtures are accidentally damaged, for example the glass stove top, basins in the bathroom, light fittings etc, and we all know that from time to time accidents happen. 

Some things to consider getting coverage for are :

  • How much would it cost if you had to replace all your property you moved in with and have purchased since moving – from the clothes, fridge, jewellery, power tools, computers including laptops, bikes, couches etc etc… if you add it up that can become substantial and in the event of a fire, you could lose the lot.  All this is called the “Sum Insured” for your possessions.
  • What about if you need to move out because damage has occurred to your possessions, insurance can cover you living elsewhere until you can move back in.
  • Did you know if you had a friend over and they injure themselves on your property, if your found at fault you can be sued for medical costs, lost income from work and ongoing care. Liability under a Contents policy may respond.
  • Food spoilage, if your fridge or freezer breaks down and you lose perishable food or medicine, you can get reimbursed for this.

These are some of the ways if you obtain Contents Cover, you can have peace of mind when the worst happens.

Things that influence the costs of insurance are :

  • How much you could afford if the worst happened, often referred to as the excess, this is the amount that you pay before the insurers puts their hand in the pocket…
  • Is your area in a flood or bushfire zone
  • What the crime is like in your suburb
  • The value/ “Sum Insured” of your contents
  • Security at the property

There are a lot of factors to consider, speak to one of our team today to walk through your specific circumstances.

If you like to enquire you are covered, contact our team and get a personalised quote

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