Each year, bushfires cause severe damage to Australian properties, assets and livelihood. Over recent years, the threats posed by bushfires have become an increasing concern, with fire seasons beginning earlier and lasting longer in duration.

Preparation and having processes in place can make a big difference to having your business up & running soon after a bushfire hits.

With the likelihood of bushfires occurring projected to increase under Australia’s climbing hot climate, predicting when and where bushfires are likely to occur is an important part of bushfire risk management. The January fires that occurred are a reminder of how fast and how catastrophic they can be.

The intense heat from fires can auto-ignite nearby buildings before the flames even reach the property. Ember attacks are also a massive risk to properties. Carried by the wind, embers can cause spot fires kilometres away from the fire itself.

If you live or conduct work in a high-risk, bushfire prone area, it is essential to create an Emergency Response Plan and manage your bushfire risks in order to decrease potential losses and business interruption costs.

We highly recommend creating a Emergency Response Plan for your home and business.

Creating an Emergency Response Plan

An Emergency Response Plan is a detailed strategy of how you will manage your bushfire risks before, during and after the event.
Being an essential component of your overall risk management program, your Emergency Response Plan will:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of your employees,
  • Detail what actions and communication procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency
  • Reduce the occurrence of personal injury, property damage and potential losses associated with business interruption,
  • Reduce the impact to customers within your supply chain and your reputation.

Bushfire Preparation Fact Sheet

We have created a comprehensive guide to help you plan ahead. In it you will find:

  • What to consider in your Emergency Response Plan
  • How to assess the likelihood of a bushfire
  • How to create a Business Recovery Strategy
  • Ho to protect your stock and equipment
  • Preparation before/during and after a bushfire


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