Cyclones and extreme weather events can cause severe damage to properties and assets, so it is important to create adequate measures to protect your business.

If you live in a cyclone prone area, you will likely be very aware of the force of nature they can be. It is easy to become complacent about cyclones since every year the weather bureau predicts a number to hit each season.

Many people think they are only a threat to the northern parts of Australia however this image from the Bureau of Meteorology tells a very different story.

Cyclones can cause extensive property damage and losses associated with business interruption. The hazards generated from cyclones are identified by the acronym PST – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

PRIMARY – Destructive winds, debris and storm surges

SECONDARY – Flooding and fires

TERTIARY – Increased price in food and other necessary items, as well as long term hazards such as the contamination of water and subsequent disease.

Impacts of Cyclones on Infrastructure

The intensity and impact of a cyclone on property is measured using a rating system. The below table demonstrates risks and effects of cyclones.

To find out how to prepare your home and business, we have created these comprehensive Fact Sheets. They document what to do before, during and after a Cyclone as well as how to create your Emergency Response Plan for your business.

For your business

For your home

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