Wow, hasn’t been a crazy 3 months? With so much change and adjustment, it feels like a bit of a blur to be honest….

In mid-March, our team of close to 40 spread across Brisbane, Cairns and Innisfail, were going about business as usual.  Then in a matter of days, we had to transition teams to working from home. This required examining systems, processes, and technology to ensure all staff had access to what they needed to, ensuring both our staff and clients never felt alone.

Our management team created a plan, jumped in boots and all to finding solutions and executed it swiftly with minimal interruption to our people or our clients. In fact, most clients probably didn’t notice much of a difference.

As our team adjusted to remote working, a few changes emerged, such as having our furry friends close and likely a few pyjama clad crew members working different hours, Zoom catch up’s for drinks and some having to be a teacher for youngster whilst also working (tough gig)….. overall, our team has done an awesome job.

As of today, Innisfail and Cairns are back in the office, however not seeing their clients face to face as much as they would like, and Brisbane we have been transitioning back into the office with half the team in one week and half the next.  (Must admit, we are all finding it is nice to have an extra sleep in on a cold winter morning and not have to sit in peak hour traffic – lol!).  Each office has a different approach to coming back into the office, it would be easy to order everyone back into the office straight away, or keep everyone out for a longer period of time but that is not practical or fair on our individual staff, so we have had to pivot again to work out the most effective way to get our teams back to the office.

What is our planned approach?

We are very mindful of playing to the rules and ensuring the health & safety of our staff is a priority. Our plan is to have our team divided into two crews and working a week in the office and a week at home during June to slowly ease them back. Then from July 1 we hope to have most of our team in the office full time.

What does this mean for our clients?

Very little will change for our valued clients. You will still have easy access to your personal insurance advisor, the claims team, and any other support you’re looking for.  In our Cairns & Innisfail offices, you will visit in person (under the government guidelines) if you require face to face help or support

Our leadership team is working closely with Qld Government & Workplace Health & Safety Guidelines to ensure this transition meets requirements. We are also mindful of the health and mental impacts of our team to ensure we provide relevant support to maintain our strong team culture.

June is a busy month for Rivers Insurance, and we are making a concerted effort to end the financial year on a positive note, close the book on it and then kick off the next one running….

If you have any questions you can contact your personal insurance broker or reach our teams on these numbers:

Brisbane              3028 9494

Cairns                    4051 8422

Innisfail                4061 1766

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