I don’t need Public Liability Insurance, do I? YES, YOU DO and this is why….

Before you say that you don’t need public liability insurance, first consider if any of these things have happened to you or someone you know.

  • Slipped on water left lying on the floor in a shopping centre
  • Tripped and fallen over things left lying around your property that you didn’t see had been left there by a tradie
  • Low light in a public area that does not show uneven ground, resulting in you twisting your knee and ankle as you steady yourself, causing injury
  • What about being at a client’s office and accidentally spilling coffee all over their laptop destroying it
  • The Electricity Company comes into your yard at home and good old “Fido” goes into protection mode and attacks……

Whether you are in business or not, having Public Liability would help in these circumstances, and you don’t even have to be in the “wrong”.

This type of cover protects you should a customer, supplier or member of the public suffer an injury or sustain property damage that is believed to be caused by you.  And remember, you don’t have to have done anything wrong, any legal bills to defend an allegation like this are also covered.

To summarise, if the situation is included under your policy, it typically covers:

  • Any loss or damage you or your business causes to someone else’s’ property
  • Your legal obligations for the personal injury or death of someone else
  • Any compensation you’re ordered to pay as a result of a claim
  • Legal costs incurred in defending a claim

It is important to know what it does not cover:

  • Injured workers – This is covered through workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Investigation Costs from Workplace Health and Safety. Specialist covers are available for this risk
  • Punitive damages – The extra damages awarded if a judge believes your behaviour was exceedingly reprehensible.
  • Product recalls and withdrawals – Costs that arise when your business’ products are recalled from the market. Specialist covers are available for this risk
  • Asbestos – This includes incidents involving asbestos materials. This is typically covered under asbestos liability insurance.
  • Aircraft products -They are usually covered under different levels of aviation insurance.

There are several insurance products that will cover you for what is discussed in this article, such as Home and Contents for personal protection and Public Liability for Business Protection.  Talk to one of the team today if you need assistance or have questions.

Note: this article contains general advice only & you should seek further information from your personal Rivers Insurance Broker about the impact of any information provided here on your personal or business needs. ABN: 28 010 242 681 AFS License: 247093 www.riversinsurance.com.au

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