Rivers Insurance Business Book Recommendations

We love books and if you also love a good read, here are some we have on our bookshelf that might inspire you.  These ones, amongst others, were shared with our team at our recent Conference, its great to take just 15 minutes a day to let your mind wander in a different direction to normal.. try it with these and see how you go….

Send us some more too!


Dramatically improve workplace relationships simply by learning your coworkers’ language of appreciation.

This book will give you the tools to improve staff morale, create a more positive workplace, and increase employee engagement. How? By teaching you to effectively communicate authentic appreciation and encouragement to employees, co-workers, and leaders. Most relational problems in organizations flow from this question: do people feel appreciated? This book will help you answer “Yes!”

Why is there more chance we’ll believe something if it’s in a bold typeface? Why are judges more likely to deny parole before lunch? Why do we assume a good-looking person will be more competent? The answer lies in the two ways we make choices- fast, intuitive thinking, and slow, rational thinking. This book reveals how our minds are tripped up by error and prejudice (even when we think we are being logical), and gives you practical techniques for slower, smarter thinking. It will enable to you make better decisions at work, at home, and in everything you do.


Emotional Intelligence in the workplace—including the five key concepts of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills and motivation—is defined as your ability to identify and manage your personal emotions and the emotions of your colleagues and co-workers

Cutting through the hype and dispelling the myths about EI, this practical, easy-to-use resource provides clear guidance, powerful tools, and actionable steps for developing and implementing EI in the workplace for immediate results. 

There are a lot of great books we recommend you read to drive business, learn new skills, or be inspired. We will be sharing these regularly with you moving forward.

If you have any that you love, then please let us know.

Happy reading!

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