Cybercriminals don’t care how big or small you are, but rather what data or assets they can get their hands on and how they can exploit it for their own personal gain. Most cybercrime is simply software that targets thousands of systems at a time looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses.  You don’t have to be a large company like Optus, to fall victim to Cyber Crime. Unfortunately, small businesses make up the majority of successful cyber breaches and attacks in Australia and attacks occurred every 7 minutes in Australia during the 21/22 year (as reported in the ACSC Annual Report). 

Many retail stores operate an E-commerce website which can become infected with malicious code. As a result, the website showed black screens to customers and staff were unable to access orders in the system.

What happens next?

Insurance companies have their own swat IT team ready to go to help restore your systems as soon as possible.  A typical Cyber policy can cover removal of the malware, restoration of your website and any reputational damage that is caused. The impact of lost revenue and increased costs caused by the attack can also be covered.  The ACSC estimated the average loss to Cyber Criminals as $64,000, and it’s on the increase.

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