Cost of living has skyrocketed so, as we like to share practical information with our clients, we are sharing relevant and proven hacks to save you money and help ease the pain of inflation all through July and beyond. Here are just a few thought starters.

SAVINGS HACK 1: Review your regular payments.
Competition in most markets is high now, it’s a good time to contact your internet, phone, electricity, and other providers to ask for a better deal or rate. 

Often, they can match a competitor or provide a cheaper rate to keep you as a customer. But if you don’t ask you don’t get it, and every dollar adds up, so worth the time to ask and see what you might be able to save for your home and business.

SAVINGS HACK 2: Take a look at what subscriptions and memberships you have.
It can be easy to forget what you are paying for, especially if it is automatically debited from your bank and credit card. Go through your statements and take a look at what you have and ask yourself if you need it or if you can reduce to a cheaper plan. And don’t forget things like your apps as these are very easy to miss and will renew without you often knowing.  This can add up to hundreds of dollars every year.

SAVINGS HACK 3: Use loyalty cards

Loyalty cards save you money. You will often get discounts on purchases but occasionally get credits to use in store. Also take a look at Cash Rewards which lets you save even more on a bunch of retailers given you actually cash back to spend where you like.

SAVINGS HACK 4: Transfer to lower-interest credit cards.
This could save you hundreds of dollars per month. Do you how much interest you are paying on a credit card that is 22% interest? Ouch!  Look around, credit cards can have interest-free periods when you transfer the balance across.

In a world that is all about digital technology and credit cards, we think it is time to get back to using more cash in our lives.

Research shows that if you pay in cash rather than with a credit card, you’ll spend less. Cards come with additional charges and it is very easy to lose track of how much you have spent until the credit card statement comes at the end of the month.

SAVINGS HACK 6: Save your change

It is amazing how quickly all that spare change can add up. By putting your change in a piggy bank each day, you are saving micro amounts that quickly transform into a significant sum that can be used for paying a bill or treating your self at the end of the month.

Also, take a look at Canna Campbell’s $1000 project for ways to save small amounts. 

Now these are just the tip of the iceberg but the savings hacks we have shared will add up to you saving a significant amount of money.

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