As we continue to shine the spotlight on our team, we cannot forget our very important domestic and small business team, based in our Brisbane office. So, who are they? 

This team cover a range of insurance :

  • Domestic – but what does that mean?  Well its houses, cars, boats, bikes and more
  • Commercial and Residential Strata Titles
  • Property Owners
  • Anyone in the Pet Industry – Boarders, Groomers, Walkers even Farriers and Blacksmiths!
  • Hospitality and Retailers
  • Anything Tradie or Building related including Construction
  • Hairdressers
  • Business Services including Accounting Firms
  • And the list goes onto anything in the SME space.

Jeanette is passionate about her family, always caring for the home tribe and bringing that love into work to her Rivers family and clients too.  She is a Motorsport lover and a “Queenslander” to her core, even to point of enjoying a bundy or two.

Tom was born and bred in NQ.  He might be living in Brisbane, but we think his heart is still in NQ with the Cowboys and where a lot of the legends of the Queensland State of Origin team come from. Just ask him about those teams and you will find out how passionate he is. Just make sure you have half an hour to spare.. he won’t stop for a while…

Sharon… well, we all need a least one token South Australian in our lives… an avid Richmond supporter, but don’t ask her anything outside of AFL… she doesn’t have a clue about League or Union, but we are trying to teach her… it’s just taking a bit longer than we thought.  Unlike her knowledge of SME’s Insurance, she is fantastic at that!

Sam is only new to the workforce, being with Rivers about a year almost straight out of school.  But what a year it’s been!  Quiet at first, now a great ping pong player at lunchtimes, recently accredited with his Tier 2 Qualifications and we found out a great dancer to boot.

Bernie has recently moved into this team from the Claims area.  She specializes in the Pet Industry, and to help assist that area, she will bring her beautiful extended fur family into work from time to time to help with the finer details.  Can be a bit of a devil though too… always on hand with little snacks for the team… she is very convincing that you really need that sugar pick me up…

Liz has recently returned from maternity leave (for the second time !) and is making a return to being a Broker after a stint in the Administration team.  Liz has a fountain of knowledge in her head that she constantly amazes us with and a cheeky little grin that sucks you right in….beware….

If you are looking for residential or small business insurance, we invite you to talk to one of our dedicated team members. You can reach them on 07) 3028 9494.

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