Gaelene Pickering

Team Leader Commercial

Minions Fanatic
Loves new adventures and enjoying time with family

Gaelene’s extensive experience in the insurance industry reflects a deep commitment to helping clients navigate risks effectively. With her diverse background in claims, underwriting, broking, and team leadership, she brings a comprehensive understanding of the industry to her role. Her qualifications, including the Diploma of Financial Services and her affiliations with ANZIIF, underscore her dedication to professional excellence.

Gaelene’s focus on equipping her team with the necessary skills and resources to provide clients with tailored advice demonstrates her commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Gaelene finds enjoyment in sports, particularly rugby, and motorsports, showcasing her passion for competition and excitement. Her dedication to family underscores her values of connection and support, emphasizing the importance of work-life balance and cherishing moments with loved ones.



Direct: 3521 5205 Gaelene Pickering

Level 8, 39 Sherwood Rd, Toowong Qld 4066