Make it a Christmas Break – not a break in

With the upcoming Festive Season fast approaching it’s a “timely reminder” whilst there’s much to celebrate, consideration should be also given to your personal and business security and “risk management” arrangements.

As many of us head off, both locally and overseas, for our Christmas holiday break it’s important to maintain an illusion of occupancy and not to highlight that there’s no one at either your home or business premises.

There are many tell tale signs for unwelcome guests with some of these being -:

  • Built up mail delivery
  • No lighting systems in use
  • Lack of activity
  • Signage highlighting office / business closure Prior to departure it’s prudent to arrange -:
  • Someone to collect or redirect your mail
  • Someone to ensure that any security advices are operational and switched on
  • Someone to maintain lawns/premises so that it doesn’t have a vacant look.
  • Increased mobile security patrols
  • Ensure that relevant authorities have been advised regarding the timing of your departure and return.

The holidays are a time to be enjoyed and no one wants to return home to the news that your home or business have been broken into, vandalised or damaged.

Once consideration has been given to the various “risk exposures” and the appropriate measures taken this will ensure not only a welcome holiday but a non eventful return.