It is not very often that we have to claim on our own insurance but let us share a story of when the broker became the client. That was the case recently when our Innisfail office become a little waterlogged.

What started as a normal day so turned into a soggy mess.

Our team arrived at the office and was greeted with water covering the complete floor space. I know we like water views, but I think that might be taking it a bit too far.

After the initial shock and investigations as to where the water came from, we were quickly on the case to lodge the claim with the insurer.

The assessor was booked and made contact with our team within 2 hours. The first call was to check to ensure the environment was safe. The assessor that was arranged by our Rivers Insurance Claims Concierge, organised a restoration company to dry the office out to avoid any mold growth. The restoration company contacted us within the hour of the claim being lodged and came the same day as the damage occurring. 

So, our staff were sent to work from home where it was free from water while the office dried out.

The office took 7 days to be completely dry and in the meantime, the restoration team had done a list of what needed to be replaced. This included our desks, carpet, and skirting boards.

Two days later we were then contacted by the assessor to have replacement quotes for the desks sent through and a builder organised to look at the walls and organise the skirtings and repaint.  

After everything had dried out and the painting done, we were able to get the carpet replaced.

We were back in the office within 7 workings days once it was safe to reopen the doors while the other work commenced around us.

Considering the extent of the damage being back in the office in 7 working days was a great result. This is an example of how having the right policy with a reputable insurance company, makes a big difference when an unexpected incident occurs.

We would like to shout out to our amazing business partners who greatly assisted us with their prompt friendly service:
• Crawford and Company (Assessment)
• Cowan Restoration Services (Restoration)
• Campbell Construction (Rectification)
• CGU Insurance (Insurer)

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