We hear crazy stories in the media about what celebs have insured so let’s take a look at who has insured what?

Have you ever woken up and thought “I’m going to see if I can insure my nose?”

Nah, me either (unless you are a wine or perfume maker).

But if that body part was a big part of how you made your living then it wouldn’t be so silly

We hear some crazy stories in the media to make you click on a headline, but after some extensive Googling, we’ve found some fun facts that we think are true.

When you see the list, it all kinda makes sense.

Famously insured celeb body parts:

Gene Simmons Tongue for $1 million

Rhiana’s legs for $1 million

Holly Madison’s breasts for $1 million (of Playboy mansion fame)

Heidi Klum legs insured for $2.2 Million

Tina Turner legs for $3.2 million

Kylie Minogue butt for $5 million

Bruce Springsteen’s Vocal cords for $6 million

America Ferrera’s Smile for $10 million

Julia Roberts smile $30 million

Michael Flatley legs $40 million

Maria Carey vocal cords and legs $70 million

David Beckhams legs $195 million

Cristiano Renaldo $145 million

JLo’s butt $300 Million

Whilst we don’t offer ‘Body part insurance” we can help you with a long list of other insurance. Just phone or email a member of our local team and we’ll happily give you a quote.

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