These days you can get insurance for just about anything. Some of the policies are a little out there but we think you’ll find it amusing to see some of the insurance types you never knew existed.

Some we know you will get a laugh out of. Ready for them?

Bed bug insurance

Home contents insurance can cover many things however bed bugs is not usually one of them. It is not something that most of us are concerned about but maybe the germophobes might consider it a good investment

Death by laughter insurance

This is rea! Apparently, it is possible to laugh yourself to death, so many comedians take out laughter insurance. We can think of worse ways to go.

Multiple births insurance

Babies cost a lot of money and times that by 2 or 3 or 4 at once and that is a massive expense you have to cover. Your health insurance won’t help with the cost of all those extra diapers or food or clothing.

Multiple births insurance helps parents who have twins, triplets, or more, to cover the extra expenses.

Livestock insurance

Pet insurance is great if you have a dog or cat however what if you have cows, or chickens or pigs? This is where livestock insurance might be worth considering if your pets have hooves and not paws,

Alien abduction insurance

We know how crazy this sounds but some people believe this is a real threat. So, if you are a big X Files fan or think Close Encounters is a likelihood then go and get yourself some Alien abduction insurance.

Change of heart insurance

Weddings are expensive and you can get regular wedding insurance that covers all the things that could happen to your wedding. But what happens if there isn’t a wedding because you changed your mind? It happens often so if there is a chance you will get cold feet, there’s insurance for that!

Collectibles insurance

If you are a collector, home contents insurance might cover some of your precious finds however if you have expensive collectibles or priceless

action figures, having a separate insurance policy to protect your precious possessions might make a lot of sense

So next time you wonder “Can I insure that?”, you might find it not as far-fetched as you think and it is actually possible. Can never hurt to ask the question. LOL 🙂

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