John’s company maintains all their equipment to a good standard, it’s their life blood after all.  But what happens when something goes wrong with their maintenance.


Two months after a shopfitting business carried out maintenance work on a piece of machinery, the machine collapsed killing a worker and injuring two others. A subsequent investigation by Workcover determined that the replacement bolts used by the shopfitter when doing on the machinery were faulty. The bolts were sourced through the German manufacturer of the machinery. Despite performing the maintenance work according to their company policies and procedures, the Insured was brought into the claim.


After 7 years in court, the prosecution dropped all criminal charges against the Insured with no adverse findings. The Insured incurred over $800,000 in defense costs which were covered under their Management Liability Insurance policy.  The best part is, you don’t have to be in the wrong to be able to claim.